Lawn/ground Maintenance

An elegantly manicured lawn makes your home beautiful and offers outstanding curb appeal.    We provide professional, full-service landscaping services, new lawn care and maintenance service, mowing, edge trimming, collection and blowing/removal of clippings, buds and twigs from your property. We also provide seasonal grass-seeding for new and existing lawns.

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Spring/fall cleanups/
leaf removal

Spring and Fall cleanups are necessary to start your outdoor season off with a fresh, clean landscape. Upon scheduling your clean up, we’ll arrive, pick up twigs and branches, blow out your planted beds, and remove leaves from lawn and patio areas.

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Minimize invasive weeds and maintain a crisp and neat look for your beds with mulch. Mulching provides water conservation by retaining soil moisture and is a backdrop to enhance the color in your landscaping. It also helps with soil retention so rainwater won’t wash dirt away.

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Bush Trimming/planting

We can help you keep your shrubs and ornamental trees both healthy and safe. Regular pruning of dead branches is good for your shrub’s health.

Selective pruning can help manage sun and shade, the size as well as the shape of your ornamental trees and bushes, and promote optimal growth and flowering.

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New Planting

We maintain planted beds which help provide visual interest to your property.  If you require mulching, weeding, pruning and trimming of planted areas, we will customize a service package to include your specific needs.  Call us to discuss how we can help make your planted areas even more beautiful.

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